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 LEOSYSTEM - is an World Trade Discount System that allows users to make purchases anywhere in the world - Online and Offline. The system is a leader in its market segment - it is designed to make you feel free and comfortable. Millions of people across the globe have chosen this loyalty system and work with it every day.


 The international name and logo of the «LEOSYSTEM» brand have become a symbol of power and strength, professionalism, wisdom, reliability and quality assurance in the global business elite pedestal with the highest level of service.


 We get new companies that join our system every single day. The number of users of the system is also constantly and steadily increasing. And there is nothing surprising in this fact: each user can save a serious amount of money on shopping for various products and services throughout the world and also can get valuable advice from our leading experts and market analysts.



     Online shopping and Discounts


  Each user of the LEOSYSTEM international trade and discount system can purchase goods at a significant discount at the project partners both in stores and online-stores.

In our century innovation a lot of people don’t have enough time to visit shops and shopping centers. If you are one of them, you will appreciate this project! Project participants may carry out their purchases online. The orders can be placed and processed 24/7.


 The online marketplace offers a wide range of diverse products. There is a wide selection of computer and mobile equipment, electrical appliances, household and interior design goods, clothes, shoes, various accessories, baby products, cosmetics, perfumes and more. All products are from well-known global manufacturers.

Due to the modern interface, you can easily filter and find the items you are interested in and always be aware of the new arrivals.


 It is worth noting that in order to receive discounts and LEOS currency, you should be a resident of this trade and the discount system. Without validating your discount card it is impossible to make purchases within the system.

If you are a producer or distributor of goods, then you can sell your products in our system and get a good profit.

Get the discount of any type and use multiple system privileges now!


LEOS currency – Purchases in the system


  The residents of the system receive LEOS currency by making purchases in the online store. The registration provides users with personal accounts made for earning currency. You become the rightful owner of the account.


This algorithm is appreciated by the project users. After all, it provides an opportunity not only to make purchases at a significant discount, but also to accumulate significant amounts that can be spent new purchased when you need it. An important point: there are no restrictions on the minimum and maximum amount of LEOS currency used for payment and they don’t have an expiry date either.


The exact amount of LEOS currency you get for purchases you can find inside of each product in the catalog, as well as when adding a product to the cart and at the checkout. With the constant development of the system, the course LEOS currency will grow.

We motivate to make more profitable purchases, reducing the financial costs. This is a unique offer on the market of E-commerce today that is specially created for our network members.


Service and Structure


  The main task of LEOSYSTEM - is to create for each user most comfortable and favorable conditions for using discounts and special offers. We constantly improve the level of service by creating individual offers, and provide ongoing support to the customer. The number of our call centers is growing rapidly around the world. The project team consists exclusively of professionals to ensure smooth operation of a certain network area.


Our marketers conduct ongoing research in a wide variety of business fields to search for the most interesting and advantageous offers for clients of the system.


«LEO WORLD SYSTEM» Company has been occupying a leading position for many years. This became possible thanks to the quality work of our employees and continuous quality control. System participants don’t have to monitor the market, as our top specialists carry out the market analysis on a regular basis.

 To become our accredited partner, the company should undergo a multi-check created by our analysts. Be sure that each company connected to our system is a proven and reliable representative of the industry.


Are you a Part of our System?


  The system is international and multilingual – it shows involvement and trust from users all over the world. To join and use the System go to LEOSYSTEM. Project page, sign up and install the application to one of your gadgets. Just after registration you have the world of discount, promotions, and useful information open for you.

Convenient and innovative interface design allows easy monitoring of current special offers. The System has a variety of filtration modules, the lists of partners, favorites, map search, newsletter, and more.


Types of Cards


 Each user is able to select and purchase any of the 8 types of discount cards to get a discount on products and services from 5% to 90% in each of the market segments.


 Available Cards by categories: «SHOPPING», «RESTAURANT», «TRAVEL», «BABY», «DISCO», «BEAUTY», «LUXURY». «VIP» - Individual offer.

The card is valid for the period you selected, then it must be republished. During this period, the client can take advantage of various discounts without restrictions and time intervals.


Promotions and Special Offers


  Companies connected to LeoSystem do their best to increase the attractiveness of their goods and services in the eyes of the buyer. In other words, users of the system are involved in all sorts of promotions and special offers that allow saving a lot of money.

Owner of any of 8 types of discounts have several options for Card use: either using the Card for the whole period of its validity in its market segment, or to look for special offers and take part in promotions available for the Card of one type.


  LEOSYSTEM – is an innovative discount Project with versatile functionality. The Users of the System have access to valuable information, such as world brand ratings, their current offers and promotions in any shopping center anywhere in the world.



Security and Privacy


  We focus on security and privacy of our users. All Cards have personalization and CSC protection code. Complex coding system eliminates the possibility of hacking and counterfeiting. Individual cards also have their own QR code/Bar code. The Project uses encrypted and secure connection, which ensures that the information transmitted remains confidential.

System Clients use the 2-step identification. At the first step the online account is verified. The second step confirms the user's identification via SMS to the mobile phone.

All operations are closely monitored by the administrators of our call centers and in case of suspected unauthorized or improper use both the user and the system partner are notified.


Profitable and Convenient


  Using the LEOSYSTEM discount system, you can feel freedom of shopping and use its benefits. Without hesitation, you can go for a long journey, visit cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, gyms, clubs, beauty salons, hotels, and shop best brands at an excellent discount, regardless of your current location.


  Forget about extra charge for advertising and intermediary services. Innovative project will provide you with an opportunity to significantly save money and afford much more than before.


 The list of sectors and segments represented in our global discount system is a huge list of time-tested and qualified partners that grown every day. The number of users of our System is rapidly growing too.

Are you already a member of our World Project? No need to hesitate! Fill out a simple form to sign up, discover new places and unveil the new world of discounts today!





Types of discount cards
Special Offer
Price annual Card DISCOUNT 20%!


  • Discounts in top stores
  • Discounts in shopping centers
  • World brand loyalty programs
  • High level of real discounts
  • Regular promotions and offers
Special Offer
Price annual Card DISCOUNT 20%!


  • Discounts at top restaurants
  • Discounts at cafes and bars
  • World's best places
  • The true choice for gourmets
  • Highest quality service
Special Offer
Price annual Card DISCOUNT 20%!


  • Discounts at top hotels
  • World tours discounts
  • Individual approach
  • Quality and service assurance
  • Stable loyalty program
Special Offer
Includes all types of Offline - Discounts. Excellent and best offer! Temporary Promotion! Annual Card - 25% Discount


  • Integrates all types of offline discount
  • Huge selection of partners the world
  • Best and exclusive offers
  • Guarantees and excellent service
  • Constant monitoring of discounts
  • Wide range of quality products
  • Individual offers for discounts


  • Save time and money when shopping
  • A team of professionals for your comfort
  • Stable support for system users
  • Worldwide delivery products
  • Privacy and data protection
  • Add LEOS after each purchase in the system
  • All purchases statistics in your account
Special Offer
Price annual Card DISCOUNT 20%!


  • Discounts at toy stores
  • Discounts at boutiques for kids
  • Variety of kids accessories
  • Global quality standards
  • Top gifts for kids
Special Offer
Price annual Card DISCOUNT 20%!


  • Discounts in entertainments malls
  • Discounts at clubs and discos
  • Most popular places
  • Global cultural events
  • Loyalty program for events
Special Offer
Price annual Card DISCOUNT 20%!


  • Discounts in the best beauty salons
  • Discounts in the centers of aesthetics
  • Reliable and professional services
  • Personal approach to clients
  • Loyalty in Sports complexes
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  • Discounts in LeoSystem
  • Discount class "SILVER"
  • Huge range of products
  • Interesting offer
  • Save money when buying


  • Discounts in LeoSystem
  • Discount class "GOLD"
  • Acts to all types of products
  • Advantageous offer
  • Financial benefit


  • Discounts in LeoSystem
  • Discount class "PLATINUM"
  • All product categories
  • Best offer
  • Maximum savings
  • -37.5%
  • -45%
  • -29.7%
  • -46%
  • -38%
  • -26%
  • -38%
  • -25%
  • -16%
  • -59%
  • -40%
  • -63.9%
  • -29%
  • -44%
  • -44%
Services 1

It's time to save money with our LeoSystem

Services 2

Excellent quality of goods and services

Services 3

Regular special offers and promotions

World Discount System
Services 4

Huge selection of products for online shopping

Services 5

Fast delivery anywhere in the world

Services 6

Aspiration of a professional team to new heights


  LEOSYSTEM – is an world trade discount system, designed to make the life of every single user in the world most profitable. The system members get a fix discount of a certain type, which allows to significantly reduce the financial costs and enables to acquire more goods and services.

The number of project residents constantly increases due to the highest level of service, stable system operation and its professional team. Evaluate all the benefits of the project by becoming the owner of any of the seven types of discount cards.


The system members receive significant and guaranteed discounts on purchases and services and can take part in promotions and special offers on a regular basis. All project participants can win a valuable prize in draw games.

Making purchases in the online store, residents of the network provided by the accrual LEOS currency, to a personal account. This is an excellent offer in the market E-commerce.

The trading platform offers the widest assortment of various products.

Users can choose the type of the card from a particular segment of the market and among products and services they are most interested in and wish to obtain a discount for. Also, the project team developed an all-in-one discount card.

The system is international and multilingual, and it means that the system residents are from around the world.

Companies connected to the «LEOSYSTEM» develop beneficial offers, designed to increase the attractiveness of their goods and services to consumers.

The customer support is organized very thoroughly and responsibly. The number of system call-centers is growing, and the company expands its chain on new continents. We are constantly improving the level of service and create exclusive offers.

Marketing department specialists protect the interests of users and not just enter into agreements with partners about significant discounts, but also monitor the market and filter out the best deals in all business areas. The information is updated on regular basis.

Each network partners should pass a multi-level verification, so you can be sure our partners are reliable and accredited representatives of a particular structure that offer products and services of the highest quality.

The project interface offers online monitoring of existing proposals and makes it possible to always be in touch with the recent promotions.

Innovative technologies imply a high level of security. All cards imply personification.

The center administrators regularly monitor all operations. We always care about the welfare of our customers.

Become a user of the system and get the best discount, minimize your financial expenses and take a look into the world of attractive offers and promotions. Discover new opportunities and chances with the world trade discount system LEOSYSTEM.

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