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  If you prefer high-quality products from leading retail brands, then you certainly need to become an owner of the «SHOPPING» Card using LEOSYSTEM.

Every Card owner who has this type of loyalty program receives a guaranteed significant discount in a particular market segment and also takes part in giveaways and special offers from the most popular shopping centers around the world.

Discount, loyalty programs, sales - these nice words are well-known to any shopaholic. But even the most experienced of them have no idea where to find certain one or another type of discount.


In the world of shopping the competition among brands and shopping centers is constantly growing, and our trade discount system will help you find necessary goods and save a significant amount of money.


The owner of the nominal «SHOPPING» Card gets access to the great amount of important information in order to independently monitor the entire market segment of their interest. Innovative system interface makes it easy to organize and filter shopping areas, choosing the most rational and meaningful to you.


Shopping is always a pleasant and exciting pastime. Treat yourself to unforgettable moments of joy, becoming the owner of our discount that will help you minimize costs and significantly expand your collection of elite goods by worldwide recognized brands.

«SHOPPING» Card motivates the system respondents make more and more purchases. After all, what once seemed impossible today is up to you to decide.


If you enjoy Shopping, the nominal Card from LEOSYSTEM project is exactly what you need. Afford more with SHOPPING discount. The owners of the Cards this type can be sure that the discount for a certain type of product will remain the same or even increase at any of network partners.


In our project, we present Partners that have passed our accreditation and demonstrate a professional level of service to the clients of our system. We work exclusively with reliable representatives of the industry, so all the Discount Card owners guaranteed purchase top quality products at the most competitive prices. Choose «SHOPPING» Card for best shopping worldwide - Offline.





 You enjoy fine cuisine and visit cafes and restaurants regularly, you definitely need a «RESTAURANT» Card.

Any respondent of the LEOSYSTEM Project, who acquires the loyalty program will get a substantial discount for visits to leading world restaurants and entertainment centers.

In addition, you will get a comprehensive guide on top restaurants around the globe: the project offers a detailed map with accurate coordinates of its partners. There are also a lot of special offers for all customers using the program.


Enjoy Italian, English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, and many other popular cuisines of the world. Tough competition and a number of marketing strategies are used to win new customers. Restaurateurs around the world try their best to attract visitors by variety of discounts and special offers. If you are the owner of «RESTAURANT» Card of the LEOSYSTEM trade discount system, you will be able to enjoy your favorite foods and save a lot of money.


You get a great motivation to visit new interesting places in addition to your favorite cafes and restaurants. Explore new horizons and have a good time in exclusive places.


If you happen to be a big fan of certain food or cuisine – you can easily keep track of the hottest deals in a certain country or city. To make it possible sign up for a newsletter using the innovative system interface to be informed about current news on all upcoming events and special offers.


LEOSYSTEM Project cooperates only with top restaurants, cafes and pubs, proved to offer high level of service for you to be sure you get the best. Our network includes only the best partners with brilliant reputation.


Each owner of the «RESTAURANT» card receives a guaranteed discount, which will not decrease in most cases. After the Card expires, you can easily order a new one. Partner companies organize giveaways and bonus programs on a regular basis that are available for Card owners. «RESTAURANT» Card is a great choice for gourmets!




  If you enjoy traveling and adore discovering new places of the world, we bring to your attention an amazing offer: TRAVEL loyalty Card in LEOSYSTEM.

Each project participant who owns a Card of this type can benefit from significant discounts, special offers and unique promotions from the leading travel companies and top hotels in the world.

If you are the «TRAVEL» Card owner and plan visiting a certain country, feel free to go on a journey with a significant discount.


The system monitors market segments 24/7 and allows each Card owner choose the most advantageous offers from those available.


The cardholder is able to take advantage of promotions and special offers from hundreds of leading travel companies in the world, including excellent accommodation in the best hotels, discount tickets for planes and buses, shuttle services, favorable prices for sightseeing tours, “all-inclusive” tours with great discounts and many other attractive deals.


System users can discover new luxury horizons and have excellent opportunities for recreation and tourism using our global network of discount. The most important thing to do is regularly visit the project page and subscribe to the newsletter with hot offers. If you have found a suitable System partner with a favorable discount, then immediately go traveling for new emotions and impressions. Exploring new places and cultures is a very important aspect in a person's life.


Due to TRAVEL loyalty program, the System respondents get additional motivation to travel. Save money and get plenty of rest with our discount cards!


The Project team constantly improves and develops the System to offer the clients most convenient use and best offers. Our experienced analysts constantly look for new valuable propositions and add to our network only most promising companies. The project works only with the most reliable and professional organization in the international tourism industry.

We trust our partners. If you enjoy traveling a lot and exploring new horizons – then an individual «TRAVEL» Card is exactly what you need!




  Each family wants their baby to have all the best: new high-quality clothing, various kid accessories and, of course, a variety of toys.

If you have picked up a gift and fully satisfied with this product, it's always nice to make a purchase at an excellent discount. In this case, our discount system will be of great use.

If you love your child and want to buy most fashionable brands of children clothes – you definitely need to become the owner of a special «BABY» Card in LEOSYSTEM Project.


For system residents who own a Card of this type there is a great number of discounts and special offers for products and entertainment for kids of different age. You will have an opportunity to treat your baby to fashion clothes from top designers of the world or to marvelous toys from famous manufacturers. Also, you may just have fun in the best children entertainment centers of the planet.


BABY loyalty program provides with opportunity to buy goods for children at a substantial discount and moreover - to participate in giveaways, promotions and special offers from our partners worldwide. Select the priority field to minimize the ongoing costs or to get great discounts on goods your children dream about.


«BABY» Card greatly motivates parents to do more shopping for their children in order to express their attention and care. Due to innovative interface of the System, you have the opportunity to explore a particular market segment and filter useful and interesting information. Also, you can entrust this task to our professional marketing department by signing up for a newsletter about special offers from our partners.


Our partners are all reliable companies with brilliant reputation and years or great performance on the market. Their products and services meet all international standards and show individual approach to customers.

«BABY» loyalty program will help you purchase the highest quality products at a great discount and have a great time with your kid in top entertainment centers saving a lot of money for your family budget. You are wonderful parents! «BABY» Card from LEOSYSTEM will help you be the best parents in the world for your dearest child.




  If you are a party soul and prefer active social life, clubbing, disco and entertainment centers, there is something you definitely need - a «DISCO» Card in LEOSYSTEM.

The Project respondents, who have chosen and successfully use this type of loyalty program, are able to visit various places of entertainment and recreational activities all over the world at a substantial discount. Join us!

The global entertainment industry is expanding and becomes an integral part of the economy in every country.


Social activities help people relax, get positive emotions and contribute to their energy boost.


Become part of the exciting nightlife by visiting the best discos, night clubs and entertainment centers of the planet with the «DISCO» card to afford a lot more and get a significant discount.


Art lovers simply can’t do without our discount. Visiting the most famous museums in the world.


You can find top offers at best cinemas, theaters, musicals, museums, as well as participate in various cultural and social events using this Card.

You will be delighted to visit the best amusement and water parks of the world, with a variety of entertainers programs.


These and many other recreational activities are available for our clients with a great discount. Get impressed and discover new horizons with the «DISCO» discount Card. You will immediately find out, how radically your life has changed.


Global competition stimulates the leading entertainment companies in the world to fight for every customer in its market segment. Only the owners of Cards are able to keep track of most attractive offers from client-oriented organizations and companies that provide customers with a symbiosis of incredible emotions and substantial cost savings.


The LEOSYSTEM Project represents only reliable resident of the entertainment industry, so the service quality is guaranteed.

If you enjoy entertainment industry and are interesting in special offers and discounts – try «DISCO» Card for unforgettable memories!




  Beauty will save the world - this is not a secret, everyone strives to look younger, more attractive and to keep a good body shape.

Project marketers carefully select project partners - beauty salons, cosmetology clinics, fitness clubs, aesthetic centers and many others, to facilitate your search for companies in the field of beauty and healthcare services and save your precious time.

International trade and discount system - LEOSYSTEM brings to your attention - a unique discount card BEAUTY. It opens the way to the world of beauty and professional healthcare.


 All this is aimed at improving your wellness and save your finance, which is very important.

With the help of beauty services, you can emphasize the advantages of your look: highly qualified specialists in beauty and aesthetics centers will provide professional advice on various beauty procedures and skin care products for the face and body.

You will get a competent advice on how to use creams, masks, peelings, individual programs for skin care around the eyes and lips, neck area and décolleté zone.

Beautiful and well-groomed skin is a necessary attribute of every successful person.

All partners of the project undergo a multistage check by our specialists. The staff in beauty salons, clinics and fitness centers are carefully selected, they have brilliant education in the selected field and work only with certified products and using professional equipment.

A healthy lifestyle is gaining popularity every day in every corner of the globe, this is a fashionable trend, so many people go to gyms, fitness centers and do their best to improve their physical state gaining desired shapes.


 Thanks to our BEAUTY card, you can visit the best fitness clubs with a significant discount all over the world. All sports centers within the system offer effective modern equipment from the world's leading manufacturers.

Choose a suitable gym when you go on business trip or on vacation, depending on your location, and you will always receive excellent price offers, both for one-time classes, and for the purchase of long-term season tickets.

Fitness club instructions are very helpful when it comes to choosing an individual training program. You can benefit from activity and sports with your whole family. Use the search algorithm of the LEOSYSTEM project to select the best offers. Visit the system regularly to track latest offers or subscribe to receive hottest promotions.

The project team is constantly upgrading and expanding the system for better and more comfortable use. Company analysts are carrying out market research on a regular basis to add only a prospective discount in the field of beauty and healthcare services.

If you want to be even more beautiful and get the best shape of your life - the BEAUTY card is just for you!





  LEOSYSTEM Project Team created a special offer for its system users – an exclusive «LUXURY» Card. This loyalty program brings together all types Discount - Offline.

Besides, Card owners will be able to take part in giveaways and receive LEOS.

On the world commerce market this is a unique offer.


Here are the loyalty programs offline included on the «LUXURY» Card package:



SHOPPING - discounts on high quality products from leading world trade brands.


RESTAURANT - discounts at popular restaurants, cafes and bars.


TRAVEL - discount on lodging at top hotels and various trips around the world.


BABY - discounts in shopping malls, kid stores for top toys and a variety of accessories for children from leading brands.


DISCO - discounts in the entertainment industry, for cultural and leisure activities.


BEAUTY - discounts in beauty salons, aesthetic centers, sports clubs and fitness complexes.


LUXURY - includes all types "offline" of world trade discount system.


Each system respondent can choose to use one of more types of discount or to purchase the all-in-one LUXURY Card.


Due to the functional interface of the LEOSYSTEM Project, you can well organize interesting offers and search for partners for every Card program. Add interesting deals and promotions to favorites in your account and later select top ones. You can filter the offers in accordance with your current location by using search by countries and cities.


With «LUXURY» Card you can afford buying even more products, visit more restaurants, beauty centers, entertain yourself and travel the world.

In case, you would like to have a Single loyalty Card for all types of discounts Offline – «LUXURY» Card is your exclusive choice!



Shopping in the «LEOSYSTEM»

Discount class «SILVER» - Online.

Service Fee - Standard.

No Accrual - LEOS.

You can find out the amount of money saving in each product by selecting the necessary options.

The system calculates automatically.

Huge range of products.

Interesting offer.

Save money when buying.

Special Offer: Get a Card for FREE!


Shopping in the «LEOSYSTEM»

Discount class «GOLD» - Online.

Service Fee - Standard.

Yes Accrual - LEOS.

You can find out the amount of money saving in each product by selecting the necessary options.

The system calculates automatically.

Acts to all types of products.

Advantageous offer.

Financial benefit.


Shopping in the «LEOSYSTEM»

Discount class «PLATINUM» - Online.

Service Fee - no Fee.

Yes Accrual - LEOS.

You can find out the amount of money saving in each product by selecting the necessary options.

The system calculates automatically.

All product categories.

Best offer.

Maximum savings.



  «LEOSYSTEM» World Trade Discount System has created its «VIP» Card for very important people indeed. The loyalty system offers a large number of advantages and benefits of the system.

Absolutely all offers of the system partners and all types of deals are included on the premium package of this type of card - Online and Offline!

If you are an active user of the system for a long time, you have a unique opportunity to get a «VIP» card.

Each Card owner has its own personal status and can enjoy premium service level, the maximum level of discounts, bonuses, gifts and more.

Personal information and exclusive offers are available to system respondents. Besides, Card owners receive private messages in their user cabinet.

Exclusive offers, maximum discount, personalized offers and the highest level of service – all that is included on the «VIP» Card package of the LEOSYSTEM.