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DISCO    PROMOTIONS Discount - 45%
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ID - 4PM
Organizer Promotion: DFS Joly

Bright nightlife at a 45% discount! Visit luxury «Life Party» nightclub in Germany-Berlin

  There are nights created for dancing. Nightlife reveals the true character of the city, thoroughly hidden throughout the day.

We strongly recommend visiting «Life Party» night club, when in Berlin, to get a clear idea of the city with its chic, its vibes and rhythm.

With the help of LEOSYSTEM - world trade discount system, you can be a part of most popular parties for about half the regular price!

The club offers everything a party soul can dream of: a great combination of dancing and lounging, drinks and conversations, bright lights and festive atmosphere. «Life Party» is famous for its celebrity guests, exclusive bar menu with dozens of shots and cocktails, hookah and delicious cuisine for every taste.

The 45%-discount can be used for all of that: entrance, show programs, bar and main menu card. Afford yourself more this night - with «Life Party» night club and LeoSystem.

Express your personal rhythms going from the inside and give way to your feelings and emotions in a captivating dance. Enjoy a colorful drink and reveal your senses – everyone needs some time for reloading, at this place you can spend this time with extra pleasure!

  Night club is conveniently located in the city center and this is highly appreciated both by Berliners and numerous tourists, willing to get acquainted to city nightlife.

The venue of the club is really large and spacy, so it never can be overcrowded, although it is extremely popular. The entrance system works fast and flawless, the club is equipped in accordance to the recent technological ideas.

Kilowatts of extra-quality sound, well-organized lights and stylish interior design will take you to the brand-new wonderful world of entertainment. You can easily find people with the same tune and close social status to spend a wonderful time with.

DJ’s from the European TOP-20 are frequent guests here. Some parties are special due to famous singers and dancers with their amazing shows. You can use your discount card for all these events too.

The promo offer is valid for a limited amount of time and is going to expire soon, so use your chance to get it now! Use your discount card of «DISCO» and «LUXURY» type, issued by international trade discount system and pay half the price, while other guests pay 100% of it.

Such promotions are created within the system regularly. Join the system now, choose the most appropriate discount program, get your card and learn more about companies, restaurants, clubs, shops, cinemas, amusement parks and their promotions and special offers.


Night club «Life Party»rest on all 100%! Great atmosphere. Excellent service. Get discounts with cards: «DISCO» and «LUXURY». Be in the rhythm of the dance.



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Germany, 10117, Berlin, Behrenstraße, 14-3