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Rest with LeoSystem - Travel company «Tour Sea Beaches»



  Besides exploring the world, traveling helps to discover oneself and better understand your homeland. Perhaps, one of the most outstanding quotations about traveling belongs to Mark Twain. He said, «Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness» – and there is hardly anyone to disagree.

If you are looking for a trusted and responsible partner to introduce novel places and great views to you – welcome «Tour Sea Beaches» Travel Company, a competent guide to most interesting counties all over the world.

  Great news is that this company has just became the LEOSYSTEM trade and discount system valuable partner, ready to offer mind-blowing discounts on tours and most delicious offers on the market of travel services.


  The company offices are conveniently located in major cities of beautiful France. You can contract company managers online, per phone or visit the office in person.


If you own our membership card, you will surely receive most attractive offers for any of your vacation criteria, such as budget, preferred activities and destination and travel duration.


The company is involved in delivering extensive service package for hassle-free travel. Well-trained and friendly specialists consider user wishes and requirements and search for the desired travel arrangements. The company offers ready-made tours with tested sightseeing programs, recreation at sea shores or winter activities in the mountains – regardless of the vacation type you can be sure the tours organized by «Tour Sea Beaches» are developed by professionals.


  Go on a fascinating cruise, go skiing or hiking, go to azure seas, dark-blue lakes or tranquil forests – all that becomes possible, if you use the company services. Seamless travel experience and low costs – isn’t it the best combination for a great leisure time? You can order comprehensive cultural tours for self-education and broadening your horizons.

  Or stick to lounging and sunbathing to replenish your inner energy and relax for a while. The company staff readily considers your ideas of a perfect vacation and will offer you suitable options according to the time-frame and budget.



  No need to prepare everything on your own – benefit from international hotel booking, ticket reservation, transfer, camping and catering services organized by experienced staff. The most outstanding moment is that all the services will be available to you at a significant discount, if you are a LEOSYSTEM - world trade discount system member and own one of the following discount cards: «TRAVEL» or «LUXURY».


  Our international discount system is there for you to make your shopping, travelling and entertainment more affordable. We invite new partners for cooperation on a regular basis, and it helps us offer more discounts at constantly expanding network of companies almost everywhere.

Our discount cards provide good and services at breathtaking discounts, the area you get a discount in depends on the card type. Learn more at our website and visit it more often not to miss best deals!


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    Best Regards, team LEOSYSTEM.