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New offer from LeoSystem - kids toys store «Rainbow Colors»


  Looking for presents is almost as nice as receiving them, especially when you are looking presents for kids. «Rainbow Colors» toy store offers grand variety of toys, games, play sets, devices and accessories for kids of any age.


It doesn’t matter, if you are a loving parent or just want to make your friend’s child a little bit happier, here you can find something special to pamper this little angel.

The stores are in two major European cities: Madrid (Spain) and Paris (France). However, this great place is almost always full of visitors with children, many of them are tourists: it is not surprising.

Children are fascinated by bright shopping windows with they dream toys, while caring parents are willing to give a nice gift to their most precious people in the world. For «LEOSYSTEM» - world trade discount system members «Rainbow Colors» Toy Store offers attractive discounts and special offers!


  The Toy Store takes exceptional care of its reputation: all the goods are provided by trusted suppliers, have numerous certificates confirming quality and compliance with strict European standard. If you purchase toys at this store network, you can be sure they are made of safe and laboratory-tested materials and are free of forbidden substances.


  All toys and appliances are designed according to safety specifications and in correspondence to the age specified on the package. High-quality toys are quite expensive, but our system residents can benefit from substantial discounts at these stores.


The age categories of toys sold here vary from 0+ to 12+, so you can easily find a necessary one and be sure the baby or the kid will be super excited and very happy to get such a present from you. If you visit the store without kids and have doubts, if this toy is interesting to them or not, you can always rely on competent advice of a store assistant.



  The staff is very friendly and well experienced in kid’s preferences today. If you take your kids with you, they are very likely to say it feels like heaven at this store! The business is aware of latest trends in toy and game industries and is ready to offer both classical and modern options to any taste and budget.

You can save even more, in case you obtain one of the following discount cards issued by world trade discount system: «BABY» and «LUXURY».


Here you can literally find everything that may interest a kid regardless of their age: from hi-tech baby rattles to advanced level robots, from teddy bears to educational play sets. By visiting one of the stores in this network and choosing a toy you can show your love and care. We are sure, your kid will appreciate it!


 The mission of our trade and discount system is to make quality and affordable, so that our system member could buy more presents for the same money. We do our best to deliver most attractive offers from well-known stores and companies in Europe and beyond.

Register in the system now not to miss your chance to shop smartly. Visit our website for additional information and follow our News section to be timely informed of new system partners and top offers!


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    Best Regards, team LEOSYSTEM.