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Excellent aromatic discounts - coffee house chain «Delicious»



  Coffee is second most popular drink in the world after clean water. However, it is not easy to find a great combination of a perfect coffee and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy it. «Delicious» Coffee House Chain offers both for true coffee lovers and connoisseurs.


Cafes of this network can be found all over the world, so «LEOSYSTEM» - world trade discount system members can get significant discounts in any of them, what is very convenient.

You can feel the amazing taste of your favorite coffee within the nicely organized interior of the café or get one on a take-away basis. In any case we promise you will be glad to have it!


  Friendly and professional barista will gladly offer you a cup of fresh and full-flavored coffee and give you a few surprising facts about this drink, if you wish. For example, did you know that coffee is a berry? Here you can enjoy black coffee, coffee types with milk and syrups, French-press coffee, and many other wonderful drinks.

For summer tourists the «Delicious» Coffee House offers exclusive summer menu with iced coffee and coffee-based cocktails. They help to fresh up and get back to walking, sightseeing, shopping, working or any other activities you may have.


  A peaceful and relaxed atmosphere in all the cafes of this network, regardless of their location, is favorable for warm conversations with friends or diving into your own thoughts and ideas.


Impeccable design, perfect quality of furniture and tableware, nice and soft music – all these characteristics are inherent for the entire Coffee House Chain.


If you want to enjoy your favorite drink more often, discover new coffee sorts, tastes and combinations, you can surely make use of discounts and promotions offered by the following types of LEOSYSTEM discounts: «RESTAURANT» and «LUXURY». Join the community of our members, treat your friends to a cup of coffee without extra expenses or enjoy coffee daily with a breathtaking discount that is available to our system residents only,


  Discount system is international, it offers favorable terms and prices for its members at dozens of companies all over the world. All you need is to purchase a discount card that matches your interests and needs and look for system partners at our project.

The information is regularly updated, you can use filters and customized search to receive relevant information about stores, cafes, agencies and any other businesses you can get discounts at.


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    Best Regards, team LEOSYSTEM.