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New discount in LeoSystem - Chain stores clothing «Fashion Style»


  The range of stores you can shop at in Europe with unprecedented discounts is growing due to LEOSYSTEM trade and discount system!


The network of «Fashion Style» stores is located all over Europe, so you can successfully combine traveling with shopping, wherever you go on vacation or on a business trip!


Using the membership card of our system, you will get discounts everywhere depending on the card type. «Fashion Style» is a popular store network, where you can find fashionable clothing for men and women, shoes and accessories. The brand introduces new collections regularly, changing the variety of products within the store several times every season to catch fresh insights of style.

  Now your shopping becomes even more convenient because you can select shoes and accessories to your new outfit right away in the same store. The brand offers clothing of assorted styles and sizes, both men’s and women’s. Here you can find casual garments, basic line clothes, party outfits, dresses, suits, office style, knits, outwear, bags, jewelry, shoes, snickers – the list is almost endless.


  All the products you can find here are perfectly tailored to different shapes and sizes – at stores anyone can find perfectly fitting shoes and clothing regardless of age and individual body measurements. The brand interprets modern trends and ideas from the fashion world in its own stylish way to help people dress well.



«Fashion Style» store consultants have vast experience and very good taste, so they can provide valuable recommendations on clothing combinations or on shoes and accessories. Also, they would be glad to advise you on your size and item fit. If you like customer-oriented brands with special approach to every single customer – this is a must-visit place for you.

You can get exclusive discounts from 23% by purchasing one of two discount cards by LEOSYSTEM trade and discount system: «SHOPPING» or «LUXURY».


System provides its members with relevant and correct information about companies, discounts and unique offers. Our well-trained team of professionals works hard to deliver high-quality global service for smart shopping and entertainment without unnecessary expenses.

We encourage people for more travelling, more care of their kids, more beneficial shopping and more cultural entertainment by offering several types of discounts and cooperating with businesses on the entire continent.



  Our website has user-friendly interface, convenient navigation and flawlessly working filters for you to find interesting deals in a few clicks. If you visit the website more often, you can be the first to know about new deals, hot discounts and promotions from our partners.


  Plan to go abroad and want to get maximum from European shopping and entertainment? Or are you a resident of the European Union? In this case obtaining a multi-purpose discount card from LeoSystem is a must! Our discount cards will broaden your horizons, add more pleasant moments to your life and the life of your family and help to save a lot of money.


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    Best Regards, team LEOSYSTEM.